The Company



Central Vancouver Island is fortunate to have an expanding economy, growing population and increasing tourism. NEWCASTLE ENGINEERING LTD. works hand-in-hand with its Clients to provide services they need for their success.

At NEWCASTLE ENGINEERING LTD., we provide services to both the public and private sectors, always with awareness for the need to strike a balance between the protection of our natural heritage and quality of life while facilitating growth.

We respond to our Clients’ needs by ensuring we have a clear understanding of their objectives and constraints. Our successful track record since 1995, along with the increase in Vancouver Island’s population and tourism, has fuelled demand for our services. They include the design and construction of municipal infrastructure, transportation systems, and residential, commercial and industrial lots and facilities.

An important part of our work is ensuring that we work within the increasingly complex environmental regulations. We have an intimate working knowledge of these regulations and work collaboratively with the regulatory authorities.