Laguna Way Subdivision, Nanaimo, BC

This project is a large residential subdivision consisting of 4 total phases of development. Construction of phases 1 & 2, consisting of 33 single-family lots, was completed in 2018. Construction for phase 3, consisting of 25 single-family lots, began in the Fall of 2021 and is scheduled to be completed in the Spring of 2022. Phase 4 of the development is currently in the design stage.

The existing topography of this project made site grading a challenge. Through intricate lot grading and the use of retaining walls, Newcastle Engineering was able to provide a site that allowed future home builders to construct homes without the need for significant excavation.

To minimize downstream stormwater impacts due to the proposed development, Newcastle Engineering designed robust stormwater detention systems to achieve similar post-development stormwater runoff patterns to pre-development.

Newcastle Engineering provided all civil design services, contract administration, construction layout, and inspection of the installation and certification of the works.

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