Uplands Apartments

This project consisted of a 251 unit project that includes three 4-storey buildings. The parent parcel consisted of two multi-family residential zoned lots, which were consolidated to create the development site.

Newcastle Engineering began work on the project before the Development Permit Application and provided support for that application which consisted of the preparation of a servicing report, a preliminary drainage management plan and a preliminary site grading plan.

Storm drainage from the parcel travels in two directions to two separate drainage basins. Both are fish-bearing and environmentally sensitive. It was critical that the split of drainage flows pre and post-development were maintained, that post-development drainage release rates did not exceed pre-development rates, and that post-development water quality was maintained at pre-development quality. These objectives were accomplished by grading/drainage network design, integration of several rain gardens and subsurface water storage infrastructure into the design.

The Site design was constrained due to the inclusion of an underground parkade that occupied a large portion of the site (greater than the combined building footprints). This resulted in some very tight clearances for drainage infrastructure between the top of the parkade structure and the pavement surface above;

Newcastle Engineering’s scope also included the design of a pedestrian-activated cross-walk on Uplands Drive, a busy 4-lane thoroughfare running along the southerly boundary of the project site.

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