3789 Shenton Road

Underway as of June 2023, the 3789 Shenton Road project encompasses the extension of the offsite sanitary sewer system to facilitate a new mixed-use development, combining residential units with a medical office. This development was rezoned to support its new mixed-use designation. A significant component of the project is the environmental remediation, involving the removal of invasive vegetation and the restoration of native plant species to improve local biodiversity.

The project includes several innovative stormwater management elements designed to treat and control runoff before it enters Diver’s Lake. A bio-swale was implemented to channel and filter stormwater, capturing pollutants and sediments from Shenton Road. Additionally, an onsite rain garden was constructed to further manage runoff form the building development by promoting infiltration and stormwater retention. These stormwater management features are designed to reduce the impact of urban runoff on Diver’s Lake, enhancing water quality and contributing to the sustainability of the local ecosystem.

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